Cycloastragenol, belong to triterpenoid saponins,Cycloastragenol benefits not only delay human aging, but also has enhanced immunity, scavenging free radicals, protecting cardiac cells, mainly obtained from the Astragaloside (Astragaloside Ⅳ) hydrolysis .

2009 was destined to be an unusual year, in this year of three scientists from the United States because discovered the secret of human aging - telomeres and telomerase mechanism to protect chromosomes won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. This trio "solved a major problem in biology", namely how chromosomes during cell division complete copy, how to avoid degradation. All the mystery hidden in the telomeres and telomerase. Shoot made by the chromosome telomerase (telomerase) is the natural shedding of chromosomes can lead to aging and cancer. Telomeres are also scientists called "life clock." In the new cells, once every cell division, telomeres shorten once. When no longer telomeres shorten, cells can not continue to divide and death. As cells apoptotic, they form the human body also will decline, unable to continue working, thus aging occurs.

Best Telomerase Activator:until: now,cycloastragenol is the only telomerase activator By increasing telomerase quantity defer the telomere shortening, increase the activity of human cells, cycloastragenol benefitsis believed to have anti-aging effects, ts can protects cells. cycloastragenol is currently used as a nutritional supplement, is extracted from Chinese medicine Astragalus. Last year Harvard Medical School experiments in mice showed cycloastragenol successfully extend the already short telomeres, and repair the immune system, increase bone density, delaying the mice aging .